One of the ways Google's search engine works is indexing (indexing), in addition to encroachment (crawling) and ranking (ranking). The system is known as the algorithm.
The Latest Way To Quickly Index Google Blog Posts
Blog posts that are fast indexed by Google will also be quickly ranked and appear on the front page of search results (SERP). The effect is visitors come - and many. If the blog is not indexed, it will not appear on Google and be empty of visitors.

Every blogger really wants their articles, writings, or blog posts to be indexed quickly by Google, so that readers will quickly visit them. Traffic is the main target or destination.

The Latest Way To Quickly Index Google Blog Posts

Here's a new way to quickly index Google's blog posts.

1. Use Google Search Console
Google Search Console - formerly called Webmaster Tools-- is this official Google page for webmasters and bloggers to register their blogs.

Google Search Console is a free web service by Google for webmasters. This tool allows webmasters / bloggers to check indexing status and optimize the visibility of their website.

- Open Google Webmasters Tools or Google Search Console. Click Start.
Google Search Console
- Login with your Blogger / Google account.
- Click Add Property in the top left
- Add Site> Verify by entering the HTML code on your blog
- Click Verify

After that...

- Click the Crawl menu> Sitemap> Add Sitemap> add /sitemap.xml in the available column.
- Click also the Google Fetch as menu and enter your blog address.

2. Register the Blog into Google Analytic
- Open Google Analytics.
- Click SIGN UP
- Fill in the form in the New Account.
- Get tracking ID
- Enter the Blogger Dashboard page: Settings> Others Google Analytic> Save

3. Register with Google Feedburner
- Open Google Feedburner.
- Enter your blog address
- Follow the next step.
- Click Publicize to activate Email Subscription
- Click Socialize to post automatically updates to blog posts to Twitter accounts.

4. Share to Social Media
Spread your posts to social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. In addition to getting backlinks, sharing to social media will also make Google more quickly index the entire contents of blog article content. You will also get additional visitor traffic.

5. Use SEO Friendly Blog Templates
Features of seo friendly templates: Fast Loading, aka light and fast appearing, Dynamic H1 Heading Tag, and pass "Google Structured Data Testing Tools".

That's the Latest Way For Quickly Indexed Google Blog Posts.
However, the most effective way is to write quality articles and share them on social media and forums, including the WA group. Social signals are still one of the SEO factors.

So New Ways To Quickly Index Google Blogs or enter the Google Index to quickly bring visitors. Good Luck & Happy Blogging