How to cheap SEO Blog lively? What is tea? It is an activity that we build from the beginning to the main target. Usually it is the visibility of our Blog on the first page of Google, if the slang is so that "Clerk" on page 1 google for example.
This Cheap Blog SEO Way Can Make Blogs Make Money
But why is there cheap? The point is for SEO activities, we don't need to spend too much money. But the results are still maximal even though they are usually rather long using this method. All back to us want How to SEO Blogs cheap or expensive?

Know the essence of SEO to determine steps
This Brief Explanation We Are Sure To Be A Barometer Of SEO Success
SEO or Search Engine Optimization, if translated in depth, is a process that is carried out optimally.

The ultimate goal is the visibility of our blog or site page in the search engine to the maximum, because even ordinary blogs if the SEO is successful can be a blog "Bear" (making money).

The word process above indirectly shows us that SEO blogs are not something fast. Because it requires seriousness, it needs a system, it needs a pattern of plans and of course it needs continuous implementation.And that's the real essence of SEO, has been tested and proven.

The Right Way to Determine SEO Blogs
Paid SEO Is Not a Better Guarantee Of Cheap SEO Blogs.There are many components that we need to know in SEO blogs, SEO can be easy if we hold on to the meaning of a "process" and it will also be difficult if we are stuck in the rush of rush. Following the process sequence is the first in the right way of SEO.

In fact, the actors of cheap SEO Blog ways can beat paid SEO players. Only because of the great appreciation of the name of a process that builds a system.Henceforth contained in SEO Planning (SEO Activity Planning).

How to Cheap a Cheap SEO Blog is Possible

Start with Planning
When we first jumped into the world of SEO, we felt that it was very difficult and too complicated. But in reality it's not too scary, it's actually fun.

There are challenges in the process of this cheap SEO Blog. Careful planning is able to erode all challenges, not something mysterious, if true in planning.Pyramide Patterns in SEO Techniques

Determining the Money Site
Do you know Pyramida? it is easier to draw with a triangle, to facilitate understanding. No matter how wide the triangle is on both sides, it's still the top point, and that's the Money Site.

In this plan, start by setting the peak, as the main blog, at the end of which the main keywords of our shot will lead there.Illustration of Money Site and Linkages with Main Keywords

Determine Key Keywords as Initial Plan
We exemplify, the blog that we made as a Money Site is, we determine the main keyword or keyword is "Belanjaqu Paytren".

After we are rounded with the keyword "Belanjaqu Paytren" as the main keyword to the Money Site, then we place these keywords in our Tier I Blog, both External Tier I and Internal Tier I. What is Tier I meant?

External and Internal Tier I Blogs

Blog Support Under Direct Money Site
The concrete purpose is to create a Free Blog for Tier I Internal, and write on other people's sites for Tier I External.

Don't forget to always include the Main Money Site Keywords and connect (Hyperlink) to our main Blog.

How many Tier I Blogs do we make?
In this case, there is no standard benchmark that determines how many of our Tier I Blogs. But remember the basic picture of a perfect pyramid, not reverse pyramid, that the support under it will always be bigger.

Pyramide Concept in Blog Tier
From the picture above, we can draw the conclusion that the number of blogs on the tier supporting tier, must be more.

If the number of blogs on Tier I is 3, then a Tier II blog is recommended to have a minimum of 9 blogs, although it can also be lacking, especially more. The important thing is that each blog has quality content.

Remember, also specify Keywords in Tier II, which will later link to Tier I.Example of Keywords in Tier II

The above has been exemplified that the Tier I keyword that leads to Money Site ( is "Belanjaqu Paytren", then what are the Keywords in Tier II?

We try to give an example of a keyword in Tier II, which is "Become a Seller at Belanjaqu Paytren" for example.

List Tier II Blog Keywords and Links to Tier I
So, when you fill in the posts on the Tier II blog, don't forget to include the Keyword "Become a Seller at Belanjaqu Paytren" and link the keyword to Blog Tier I, thus forming pyramids.
Create Great Pyramids for Our Money Site
  • Can this be done
The answer is very, if we want, what do you mean? How big do we make pyramids that will support each other up to our peak (main site)? That depends on us.

What is certain is that it is very cheap and easy, it only takes a short time.
For example, if Blog Tier I is 3, then the minimum blog in Tier II is 9, how many Blogs in Tier III ?, just use multiples of three, meaning 9 x 3 results are at least 27 Blogs in Tier III, review the picture above .

How many blogs are in Tier IV

If you want to proceed to tier IV, what is the minimum number of blogs that must be made in this Tier?, The answer is 27 x 3 which means there must be at least 81 Blogs.

Why should it be like that? So that the pyramid is beautiful, not jomplang. Beautiful here means the results at the peak will also feel beautiful, and even the top blog will actually make money, aka money sites, not just mere designations.

Cheap and Proven Real Tested
This is very real as a way of SEO Blogs that are very cheap, because for the Tier blog that we make. Can use free facilities such as wordpress, blogger and others.Ready to make our blog a "Bear" blog, don't hesitate to do this, and feel the benefits.