Data warehouse is a system that collects data from various sources within an organization for reporting and analysis. Reports are made from complex queries in the data warehouse that are used to make business decisions. In more comprehensive terms, this is a joint view of the repository of physical or logical data collected from various systems.
This is the Data Warehouse Function for Companies
The main focus of the data warehouse is to provide a correlation between the data from the existing system, namely the inventory of products stored in the system purchase orders for certain customers, stored on other systems. This system is also used for online analytical processing, which uses complex queries to analyze rather than process transactions. So, what is the function of the data warehouse for the company? Here's the information

Helping better decision making
Corporate decision makers no longer have to make important business decisions based on hunches and limited data. Data warehouses hold credible facts and statistics, and decision makers will be able to retrieve information based on personal needs. In addition to helping make strategic decisions, the data warehouse also has an important role in marketing segmentation, inventory management, financial management, and sales.

Fast and easy access to data
The function of the data warehouse for the next company is to quickly and easily access data. Speed ​​is an important factor that makes you above competitors. Business users can quickly access data from various sources, which means that the valuable time you have does not need to be spent in taking data from various sources. This function allows you to make quick and accurate decisions, with little or no support from your company's IT department.

Data quality and consistency
Because the data warehouse collects information from different sources and converts it into a single and widely used format, your company's department will produce results that are consistent and consistent with each other. When data is standardized, your company has the opportunity to have confidence in its accuracy, and accurate data is important in making strong business decisions.

Provides historical intelligence
Data warehouses store a large amount of historical data or historical data so you can analyze different periods and time trends to make predictions of business in the future. Data generated through these systems usually cannot be stored in a transactional database. In other words, it is used to generate reports from the transactional system. But, by using a data warehouse that has historical intelligence functions, you can use previous data to generate business alliances.

Produce high ROI
Return on investment (ROI) is the ratio between net income and investment costs resulting from investment in several resources. High ROI means profitable investment profits. The data warehouse serves to provide a favorable return on investment. This is because companies that have implemented it and complementary BI systems have generated more income. On the other hand, you can save more money than companies that have not invested in the system.

That's the function of the data warehouse for companies that you need to know. The data warehouse is very important for whatever type of business you run. Especially if you want to profit from sound business decisions. Apply this sophisticated system to your business now to get a number of its functions above.