A blogger like you certainly hopes to get the highest position on Google search results pages. But the problem is, it's not as easy as turning your palm. That's why I tried to give tips on writing keywords in the title which is one of the many determinants in SEO and will help increase the position of Google search results.

From some tutorials on the internet that I got, writing keywords or keywords in the title of an article turned out to be one of the crucial factors that must be considered and considered. So you have to pay attention to this problem in every article writing for blog content.
This is the Importance of Keywords in Post Titles for SEO
This is very important so that bots from search engines can get to know the keywords you are targeting, so that your posts will get a priority position in Google search results. The point is not the origin of the post, but must be good at inserting keywords in the title.

Keyword in Title
Just emphasize, that the keywords made in the title of an article post, will very likely affect the search results. In other words, the title is the essence of an article. So by reading the title alone we can get an overview of the contents of an article.

Application of Keyword Writing in a Good Title
Suppose you make an article for a blog post with the keyword "cute kitten", then the title used must use that word. For example "funny kitten videos". Don't underestimate this, because that's what first appears in the search results snippet.

From the results of research and observations of experts, the keywords in the title will really be very influential with various other supporting factors in SEO. Another supporting factor is the problem of the description of posts that will appear in the snippet.

Writing keywords in the title is also an alternative way to reinforce, if we do not have a domain with the type of exact match domain. Because writing the title will determine the shape of the permalink, instead of keywords in the domain.

But some SEO experts recommend specifically for exact match domains, so you don't use permalink with multiple keywords. It is recommended that the post not be impressed as a spam post.

That's a little picture of how to place keywords in each article title, so that it is easily ranked well by search engines. Also keep in mind, that this is just one of the many factors that influence search results.

The results of research by SEO experts also mention that posts that have keywords in the title, are better than those who don't use them. There is a difference of 10 percent increase in search results.

Amazingly, the use of this trick is not limited to blogs, but can also be used for Youtube. Even this is what has been used by youtube marketers in optimizing their videos, so that within a few hours of video they can get the first position of the YouTube search results.

A brief explanation of some of the terms used in this post:
  1. SEO Search Engine Optimization = The process of optimizing a website page to get the highest ranking in search results.
  2. Keyword / keyword = words typed in the search engine search box.
  3. Exact Match Domain = domain address that contains keywords
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