Niche is a topic discussed in a blog or website.For example, your website is engaged in "Digital Marketing", then the niche website is Digital Marketing. Or your blog discusses about "Food", then the niche blog is Food.

Determining the right niche blog or website is very important, why?
Because if you are wrong in choosing a niche, it will cause the content creation process to feel "difficult". It can even be lazy to make it, as a result it will adversely affect your blog or website.

Then how do you determine the right niche for your blog or website?

1. Niche Must Match Your Interests
Before determining a niche, you must first know your interests or abilities. After that, create a blog or website that is related to your interests.

For example, your interest in the "Fashion" field. So you can create a blog related to clothes.
A niche blog or website that suits your interests will be easy when running it. You will be easy to produce quality content.

In addition, the world of blogging will also be filled with people who are enthusiastic about their interests. So if you don't choose a niche according to your interests, it will be difficult to compete.

2. See the Current Topic Trends
To choose a niche, you also have to pay attention to topics that are trending (being talked about a lot).
By knowing things that are being discussed, it will motivate you to create a blog on the topic that is trending.

Do not choose topics that are trending in a short period of time (for a moment). Like the trend of "Agate Stone" which has been a trend for some time lately. Only a few moments, the trend just disappeared.
Therefore, from a number of trending topics that you have found, you must also be able to assess whether the trend has good potential in the long run.

See the example as shown below:
Tips for Determining the Right Niche for Your Blog or Website
You can see in the picture above, the agate trend chart only happened in a short time in 2015 alone.
You can also assess a topic that can be a momentary trend or forever by changing time, for example in 3 months, 9 months, or 12 months.Besides knowing your potential, you also have to adjust to your interests or abilities. Don't force something you don't like.

However, if what you are interested in is not a trend. Then you must focus on the niche that suits your interests. When you have succeeded in doing it, then that niche can become a trend.

3. Choose a niche that has the potential for business
Almost everyone starts writing a blog because they want to earn money. But not all topics or niches can produce.

To choose a niche that has the potential for business, there are a number of things you need to pay attention to:
  1. Can the topic help the problems of many people (provide benefits)?
  2. Are there products, services, or events that can be made related to the topic?
  3. Has anyone done it?
Well, that should also be your consideration when choosing a topic for your blog or website.

4. Relevant to your business
If your business has a website, you need a blog with a niche that suits your business. In addition to making your business trusted, creating a blog will foster a sense of trust in your prospective clients. Prospective clients will believe that you really understand the business you are living in.
Suppose you have a business that is engaged in "Fashion". So you can create a blog that contains a guide to buying clothes or pants.

Thus 4 tips for determining the right niche for your blog or online business. Do you have other ways to determine the right niche? Let's share in the comments column below.