What does it mean for a web without many customers coming. What's more, if it comes, it immediately goes away so the bounce rate is high. In addition to impacting on website conversion, it also affects SEO that has been done. Well, to overcome this, here are tips on creating a website that is liked by the customer.
Tips on Making a Website that is Liked by Customers
BIG Title
Let's start the tips on creating a website that the customer likes starting from the very top, namely the title. The title section explains a bit more about what you will discuss on the content or page of a website. The title is also the first time visitors will read.

For this reason, DomaiNesians need to give a little more spotlight section headings. DomaiNesians can start this way by changing the font size for the title to be larger.

Social Proof
Social Proof, aka social proof will indicate that someone else has recommended DomaiNesians' website to their social media. There is nothing more convincing for people who have just come to your website than the testimonials of those people. But, make sure that social proof is honest, and only exists after you give something to people who have come.

Include this social proof section into the landing page that you created. And it will be more maximal and good when placed on the "call to action" CTA button that you have prepared.

Website Loading Speed
Nobody likes a slow website. And this will affect the customer experience and of course the conversion that will occur. Speeding up loading a site can be done in several ways; reduce the size of image / video files, eliminate unnecessary and heavy website features, or it can be closer to the source of traffic.

For the last way, DomaiNesians can use hosting that has a server that is close to the source of traffic. For example, if you have a traffic source located in Indonesia, eating servers located in Jakarta will be better. Or when you have a traffic source located in Europe, you can use a server located in London.

Directional Guidelines
A website will not be separated from things called visual. For this reason, one of the tips for making a website that is preferred by customers is to add a pointer that leads to the information we provide.

Best color for buttons
Nothing can explain until now, which color is the best button for all websites. That's because every website and traffic has a demographic that can be different. So to find the best color for the website is to try to do an A / B test. From the A / B testing I will be able to find what type of button and what color is the best. good luck.