What we discussed this time is about backlinks. These three aspects that you must know about backlinks, which we will discuss thoroughly one by one.
Understanding, Benefits, and How to Get Quality Backlinks
Explanation: What is a Backlink?
  • Benefits of Backlinks for Blogs
  • How to get quality backlinks
Surely you want the website that you manage, SEO is good in the eyes of search engines right?
Indeed backlinks are the most influential main role on website SEO. Therefore, this one aspect cannot be underestimated.

However, keep in mind that getting a backlink for that site is not as easy as it seems. There are even some bloggers who are willing to spend money to buy backlinks to improve their website SEO.

But of course we don't teach you how to get backlinks.
Before going on to the next discussion, actually you yourself understand or not about backlinks? what is meant by backlink? the benefits of backlinks?

If you don't understand, it's good to discuss a little about the backlink itself.

Definition: What is a Backlink?
The backlink has another name, namely the link.
In addition, according to Wikipedia, backlinks are also known as incoming links, inbound links, and inlinks.

Backlink itself means a link that enters a website or web page.In basic link terminology, backlinks are any links that are received by a web node (webpage, directory, website or top-level domain) from another web node.The point is simply, Backlinks are links that point to your site. Both active and inactive.

For example like this ...
You have a picture that you created yourself. Then you install the image on your blog.
Then there are other bloggers intentionally taking the picture you made. And he put it on his blog.
But to appreciate you, the blogger includes an active link in the form of an image source that directs to your site.

  1. Image from www.namabloganda.com
  2. Source: www.namabloganda.com
  3. Image: www.namabloganda.com
  4. etc
The example above is a backlink.
Because it has mentioned the source, then the blogger who took the image you made indirectly has provided a backlink to your website.

Not only that, the backlink is also divided into two parts:
  1. DoFollow Backlinks
  2. Nofollow backlinks
By reading the understanding along with the example above, I think you already understand enough about backlinks.

So, I am not too difficult to explain the two parts of the backlink that we will discuss.
Benefits of Backlinks for Blogs
Of course one of the benefits of Backlink is for SEO. Not even half-hearted, backlinks have a big role in ranking your blog.

The more 'backlinks', the better the quality of our blog in the eyes of search engines.
But of course the backlink that has a positive effect is quality backlinks, which are obtained naturally. Not the backlink that results here and there in other people's blog comments. In fact, the resulting backlinks actually have a negative impact on blog rankings.

What is the reason I can say that the results of the backlinks have a negative effect on the ranking of the blog? How do you know?

What is clear is that I did not fabricate it.
Google itself says that one aspect of the assessment of the popularity of a website or website page is one of them is a backlink factor. But as I have already mentioned, Google prefers quality backlinks.

How to get quality backlinks
Even though we know that getting a quality backlink is not very easy, there are still ways to get it. In the sense that it can still build quality backlinks even though it's a bit difficult.

Then how do you get quality backlinks? Namely by;
  1. 'Selling' content
  2. Guest writer
  3. Authors in return for backlinks
There are at least three ways to get quality backlinks.

Even though there are many ways to get backlinks besides these three aspects. But backlinks that you can are not quality or poor quality backlinks. Therefore, I did not add it to this topic.

Only three ways are what you can do to get truly quality backlinks. Namely with 'sell' content, guest writers, and writers in return for backlinks.

Content ‘Sell’
Maybe you are still confused about the 'sell' content that I mean here.Content 'Sell' which I mean is content that you create yourself or your own work.Suppose an image, ebook, audio, or survey results that you created yourself.Then you use the content you made for the purposes of articles on your blog.

So if there are other bloggers who discuss things similar to what you are discussing, it could be that the blogger uses the content and data that you have learned or that you have created for the purposes of the article.

And usually bloggers who borrow content from other people will provide sources of content to be said to be credible. Although not all bloggers will provide resources, but there must be some that link backlinks to your site.

That's how to get quality backlinks with 'sell' content.
Therefore, from now on stop clicking here and there in other people's blog comments.

Guest Writer
Besides selling content, you can also be a guest writer to get quality backlinks.

Is that a guest writer?
Simply put, guest writers are bloggers who visit other people's blogs and write an article for the blog that he visited.In fact, not a few blogs allow guest writers to link active links in articles that they make.

Do not understand? So I made an example ...
You become a guest writer on blog A, and let's say you write articles about culture on the blog A.
However, in the article that you created, you intentionally inserted the active link that was directed to your blog. But the owner of blog A allows it.

So after the article is published, the active link that you insert automatically becomes a backlink for your blog.That's how the guest writer gets quality backlinks.

Write With Backlink Rewards
Many sites provide rewards whenever articles sent by other people appear on the site.
The rewards are also varied, there are in the form of money, there are in the form of backlinks and some also provide both.

But of course writing on sites like that is not easy. Your article is reviewed by the site clerk. Then if it is said to be of quality, the reviewer will publish your article.

Therefore, one quality backlink from the site, it will boost your website ranking in search engines.
Maybe that's all I can say about Understanding, benefits, and how to get this quality backlink.
That's all and greetings.