Website development using the HTML or PHP programming language is not enough. You need CSS, a programming language that can manage the entire appearance of the website so that it looks more attractive and in accordance with user needs. That's why you need to know the meaning of CSS.
Understanding CSS and how it works
You must know about CSS because this programming language will be very useful in the website development process. Especially nowadays almost every website uses CSS as a tool to manage various displays in it. Well! In this article we will discuss as completely as possible the understanding of CSS and its functions.

Understanding CSS
Cascading Style Sheets, better known as CSS, are design programming languages ​​that are useful for simplifying the process of creating websites. Understanding CSS in general is a programming language that is used to design front pages or website views (front end).

CSS handles the display and 'taste' from the website page. There are many things you can do using CSS compared to core programming languages ​​such as HTML and PHP. When using CSS, you can adjust the text color, font type, lines between paragraphs, column size, type of background used, layout design, variations in display on various different devices, and various effects used on the website.

CSS is very easy to learn, but also powerful because it can control the presentation of the appearance of HTML documents ranging from simple to complex. No wonder the CSS is now almost used on various websites to be combined with HTML and PHP.

CSS function
Have you ever tried to develop a website using HTML or PHP? If you have, you will feel a little difficulty or overwhelmed to design the look. Especially if you make a fairly complex display on a large project. Understandably, the two programming languages ​​are indeed not developed to design the front view of the website.

But you do not need to worry because all the process of developing a website display you can make it easier and easier to use CSS.

CSS certainly doesn't just set the buttons. You can design a variety of displays using CSS so that it fits your needs. In addition, there are several advantages that you can get when using CSS, such as:

1. Speed ​​up the Design Process
What would you do if you use the same design on several HTML pages? You might copy one by one to each page file.

In accordance with the meaning of CSS, if you use CSS, you don't need to do that anymore. What will you do if you use the same design on several HTML pages? You might copy one by one to each page file. If you use CSS, you don't need to do that anymore.

When using CSS, you can just type in the CSS function then use it in various HTML pages. The CSS function that you create in one file can be called to various web pages without having to copy the line of function code many times.

2. Faster Pages Loaded
If you use CSS, you don't need to write HTML tag attributes in each file. You just simply write one CSS rule and apply it to various files that need it just by calling it.

So one file contains only a few lines of code loaded. Well, this little line of code will make the download faster.

3. Easy Maintenance Process
CSS makes it easy for you to change the appearance on various pages. Only by changing the style function in the CSS file, will the entire display that uses the function change automatically.

4. Style Is More Diverse Than HTML
CSS has more diverse attributes than HTML. What are the benefits? You have more choices on website views.

5. Compatible with a variety of devices
CSS allows your content to be optimized on more than one device. For example when processing a document. If you use CSS, you can adjust the appearance of the document on the old version of the device as well as the new version.

6. CSS is a Website Development Standard
Almost all websites on the internet use CSS in it. Besides its more attractive appearance, most popular browsers now also support CSS. So if you want to develop a website that matches the standards of popular browsers, you should use CSS. You also want the website to be compatible with various browsers right?

How CSS works
After knowing the meaning of CSS and functions, the next question is how does CSS work? CSS makes styles on web pages interact with HTML elements.

Although the CSS programming language is easy to learn, it can have a huge effect on website development. CSS makes it easy for you to manage the various displays on the website without overriding user experience. You can adjust the color, font size, type of layout, and various display settings so that it can suit the desired needs.

So, when HTML is a foundation, framework, wall, or cement raw material to support website development, CSS is paint, window design, and various settings afterwards. CSS is the solution to building the look of your website.

Up here, I hope you understand about the understanding of CSS and its functions. If there are other questions or additions please leave a comment through the column below.