Have you ever heard of VPN? If you've heard of VPN, surely you already know how the VPN works? But for those of you who don't know, you can read the discussion this time about VPN and how it works from the VPN.

Virtual Private Network or abbreviated as VPN is a web hosting that is usually used for a large need on the website. VPN is also often used for those who do have dozens of webs, hundreds of webs, or even thousands of webs.
Understanding of VPN and how it works
This Virtual Private Network in the past was created for a network destination that connects buildings between buildings to get secure connections and can use the network from home and other places.

But in this sophisticated era, a VPN is not only used for that, but has been widely used for an internet network which is certainly safe, in private, and can access each network remotely.

Understanding of VPN
This VPN or Virtula Private Network is a service that provides a secure connection to each website with a private connection so that this connection path is only through the server and provides data hiding.

So that we can simplify that this VPN connects tables, cellphones or smartphones, and laptops to other computers or commonly called a VPN server or VPN server at a place or situation that connects the internet. And you are allowed to connect an internet connection to use it with a computer's internet network. With such a process if you use a computer or server connection in a different country. Then you will be able to access places that cannot be accessed in your country if the computer or server that you are using is another country.

So you can say by using this VPN access you will not be limited to any connection, access that is banned in your country you can open using a VPN or server from another country.

If you want to know more about this VPN, let's look at the next discussion

How to work on a VPN
To do VPN work if you intend to use VPN in your internet connection. Like you to do battle data encryption before making a public connection on the internet or at a coffee shop reading it. When you use a VPN connection to connect the internet, this VPN seems to use a special place or special aisle and not through the main access network.

So the function of this VPN or Virtual Private Network task is to give your connection to continue to access places that cannot be visited. So by using this VPN connection, using the internet you will be identified by the VPN server link not the current one.

With connections like that, it has become a standard for us when using the internet with this VPN. In the process of exchanging data and all applications used by the internet, it can be seen by many people because there is no encryption and all data involved.
You will not have a problem if the processed data is Google search data or blog data that is a kind of entertainment.

But this data process will be a problem for you if the process is online banking data, business data, business e-mails, or some sort of sensitive data process including financial data problems. If indeed there is data like that of course this will be an opportunity for hackers to carry out online attacks in a way that is usually MITM Man in The Middle.

Well for that, VPN will also secure your data from hackers in its own way.
When you use a VPN on an internet network to open according to data or application, your data is encrypted first by the application and sent through the ISP after entering the VPN server. This VPN is the third person server to connect you to other online sites or services that you use or visit. As with this, your privacy data service will be safe to do an online data exchange.

Benefits and Uses of VPN
There are many uses that you can get when using this VPN service, one of which is remote access. On using this remote access you can allow an internet access from the office network wherever and whenever you are. Even if you access the internet using an outside network, but when you use VPN it will be known as an office network.

The other benefits of this VPN are as follows!
Securing data on public networks

By using a VPN you can get the benefits of protecting your data exchange when using a network or wifi that is not trusted. This will help and stay calm wherever you are and use any fingers.

This VPN is very useful for you, especially business people who do have sensitive data, so that your data is not broken when using wifi that is not trusted by security.
  • ByPass
When you want to use certain sites that are banned by the government because they endanger you. VPN can be a solution for you to use, because VPN is not limited by a geographical.

Secure Data with Anonymous Names
By using a VPN server, the existence of your access is not known to anyone at random. Because the VPN will hide the presence directly or in real time. And usually people who want to know your state that is detected is the location of VPN that you use.
  • Encryption on Device Information
When you use a VPN server, someone or anyone can't identify the device that is used or whatever.

So the information on the device you are using will be protected and privacy.

Disadvantages and Strengths of Using VPN
Every item or anything will not be perfect, surely its advantages and disadvantages. Especially with this VPN server.

Disadvantages of a VPN server
  • Has a limit for use
  • Connections that will slow down
  • Connections are usually unstable
  • Quite complicated manual configuration
Advantages of a VPN server
  1. Can access blocked websites
  2. Indirect IP identity is not immediately known
  3. Have network access in different locations
  4. The level of confidentiality in your data will be safe
Do you use a secure VPN server?
With this VPN server your data will be very safe, but it also depends on you using the internet connection from the protocol used.

That is the understanding of your VPN how it works that you can use to make an internet connection that is safe and secure. But by using this VPN there will be obstacles on connections that are indeed slow.