Unique Fun Traditions When Eid Is Only in Indonesia - Eid al-Fitr or Eid is a fun and always awaited Muslim community in Indonesia. The warm atmosphere was felt from the beginning of the fast until before Eid, there was nothing to wait for after 30 days of carrying out fasting besides Eid. The tradition that has become a thing we must carry out from the past, namely Silaturahmi, forgiving and the available cakes are the sights that we always meet at the moment of Eid.
Unique Fun Traditions When Eid Is Only in Indonesia
Every region in Indonesia has activities and also a unique tradition when celebrating Eid, just like sharing ketupat and food. Not only for ketupat and food, there are many traditions of Eid al-Fitr which only occur in Indonesia. Here is a unique tradition when Eid is still ongoing in Indonesia:

1. Takbir Roving and Sound of Firecrackers
Takbir around and the sound of firecrackers is a tradition that has been there from the past. The tour of Takbir is done at night Takbiran where teenagers and children go around the village to welcome Eid after a month of fasting. This is the earliest moment awaited during the Eid celebration and also the sound of firecrackers everywhere. However, now firecrackers have been banned by the government because they are dangerous. Even though it's dangerous to welcome Lebaran without firecrackers it feels a little lonely, bro, ahh, I miss hearing the sound of firecrackers again.

2. Share THR
Indonesian people have a tradition during this Eid, which is to distribute THR, usually THR is distributed by adults to children as a gift because they have carried out a full month of fasting even though not all children are full fast but they are still given THR, bro. The money that was distributed was in a new condition that made the children look happy and enthusiastic with the sharing of THR to them.

3. Pilgrimage Tomb or nyekar
Pilgrimage to the family tomb that has overtaken us at Eid is a moment that has more impressions. Usually the pilgrimage is carried out on its own but at this moment all family members join in the pilgrimage and send a prayer together, it seems that only at the moment of Lebaran does the pilgrimage go to the crowded tomb.

4. Forgive each other around the village
A long-standing tradition where people will visit family, friends and neighbors to apologize to each other. Although now it's the time for smartphones to congratulate Lebaran and apologize, it doesn't feel like not to come and meet in person, bro.

5. Sharing Food
Now this is a pleasant tradition where we share food with neighbors and relatives. At night Takbiran is usually the community sharing food because at this time Lebaran offerings have been prepared and ready to be eaten tomorrow, Eid.

6. Ketupat and Meat
Ketupat and meat are mandatory foods and are always available during this Eid celebration. Lebaran Ketupat is a special food, because almost all people make and eat it with a sense of happiness incomplete if there is no ketupat or meat and opor, bro.

Well, this is a unique tradition of Eid in Indonesia. Are there traditions in your area that are more exciting in celebrating Lebaran Leb? Not feeling Lebaran soon it feels good, on the other hand it is also sad that the Ramadan atmosphere will end and we will meet another year. Enjoy this moment of Eid greeting happily, Happy Eid Al-Fitr, Minal ‘Aidin Wal Faizin, Sorry, Born and Inner Sorry.