What is a 5G network ? The increasingly rapid development of the era directly affected the world of technology. As one of the main pillars in daily activities, technology also develops to make life easier for those who use it properly and appropriately. One technology sector that is positively affected by the innovations of the actors in it is telecommunications. In Indonesia itself, the development of telecommunications is increasingly felt more and more easier for its users.
What is a 5G network
In the past, all only knew of public telephones and also phones at home. Furthermore, when public telephones, telephone kiosks business began to mushroom to facilitate people who needed communication. Then came the technology called mobile. From starting with a very expensive price, mobile phones can be reached by everyone only for the price of hundreds of thousands.

Then came the 3G technology that was very heralded because it provided a lot of convenience, especially in the internet speed and video call features. Continuing to 3.5G technology to 4G, finally last year, 5G began to appear. What is 5G? What are the advantages? When can it be used in Indonesia? Here's the explanation.

Technological rapid progress
5G network technology is one proof of the continued innovation. Without feeling bored at the same time feeling sufficient, telecommunications technology continues to be developed. In the end, a 5G network emerged. Even though 4G technology is still adequate for now, the rapid advances in technology have made everything not just in place.

In 5G technology, the working system used is still normal. Data will be sent via radio waves which are divided into frequencies that have differences. This difference is also divided according to the type of communication needed, for example such as maritime navigation signals, television broadcasts and the last one at the same time that is very useful in telecommunications is mobile data.

Even though there are 3G and 4G, all radio waves will be optimized according to the technology used. Of course when talking about 5G, everything will be faster, but what are the advantages of 5G technology that is planned to be formalized and used massively in 2020?

In practice, 5G network technology is still a concept whose superiority has not been clearly displayed. But if you look deeper into the 5G concept, you can conclude some of the advantages of this technology such as:
  1. It has a much higher data speed than 4G, making users more comfortable after using it.
  2. Has a speed of one billion per second to transfer data from one phone to another.
  3. 5G network technology provides advantages that are difficult to equate with other technologies which can be connected with other devices such as household appliances, telephones and cars.
By looking at the three 5G advantages above, it is clear how fast the speed of 4G that can be counted at the moment can be easily defeated at 5G. Even according to predictions, the speed of a 5G network can reach 800 Gbps.