Blogs or weblogs and websites are media that you can use to share content in the form of text, images, videos and audio to many people. Users of blogs and websites always increase along with the development of information technology. One reason is our need for blogs and websites that are always increasing and the ease of making and using it. Although at first glance both are the same, but basically blogs and websites are two different media.
What is the Difference between a Website and a Blog
There are several differences between blogs and websites that you need to know based on the following distinguishing factors:

1. User
Blogs are made for writing purposes, so users are ordinary people who want to distribute the results of their writing to many people. One blog is usually owned and managed by one person. While the website is owned by one person or more in accordance with the purpose made. Website owners are usually professionals who need a website as a medium to inform people about the internet.

2. Purpose
Blogs are created for personal use. Bloggers or blog owners usually use blogs as a medium to write their personal notes so they can be shared with their friends. Along with the development of time, the function of the blog shifted from the original for personal needs increased to the function of online business media Meanwhile, the appearance of the website was indeed created by the owner for commercial purposes, such as company profiles and online sales.

3. Costs
We can use blogs for free. This is because subdomains and web hosting have been provided by each blog platform. If you use a website then we need to spend money on monthly webhosting rental fees and annual domain rental. Even so, we can reduce spending on the cost of making a website by using rent free web hosting.

4. Ease
When viewed from this aspect, Blogs are easier to create and use than websites. We only need to register and immediately use the blogging service for free. Simple and user friendly features will make beginners operate the blog well. Meanwhile, if you want to have a website, we need to prepare a number of things such as domains, web hosting, scripts that will be uploaded to webhosting, to File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software. For beginner users, we will feel a little difficult when using the website for the first time. One reason is the lack of tutorials that guide us.

5. Template Design
In general, the appearance of website template design is better than the design of a blog template. In addition, a blog template design is also widely used by bloggers because the template is the default template of the blog platform or blog template that is shared free of charge by several sites providing blog templates. The appearance of the website template design is better and there are rarely similarities between one website and another website. This is because the design of the website template is made directly by the owner of the website, so that the appearance will be in accordance with the wishes of the owner.

6. Performance
With a good design template display and more complete features make the website superior when used. Websites created by programmers will look more professional and can accommodate the needs of website owners and visitors. Blogs intended for writing purposes have limited features and will look stiff when forced for other purposes such as online business media.

You have to be selective before deciding to use a blog or website so that later the media can facilitate your work and not make a burden. Between blogs and websites, which is better for you? Actually these two media are the same, but the use of blogs is more like a beginner blogger. 

A blogger does not fully have control over the use of blogs because of the appearance of a standard theme and a limited design style. Blog used as a website? It could be, but if you initially have a blog and later you plan to make it a website, then you have to work twice because a lot has to be added to the blog to make it a website. If you find it difficult to design a website for your business needs and develop it.