This time we will return to discussing SEO in detail, such as discussing SEO techniques that are true and not true.As well as discussing any SEO techniques that violate the rules and are not true. We will discuss from understanding to examples that will be explained one by one.
What Is White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO
And the contents of our discussion this time are;
  • Understanding of White Hat SEO techniques
  • Briefly, what things are considered White Hat SEO
  • Understanding of Black Hat SEO techniques
  • Briefly, what things are considered Black Hat SEO
  • If it's simple things like that we will discuss this time.
As I have often said and also often said by SEO experts that to get a place on the first page of search engines that really requires good and correct SEO techniques.

Besides being liked by search engines, by doing good and correct SEO techniques, our blog will also be easier to appear on the first page of search engines and of course our blog will also avoid various kinds of sanctions and penalties.

For example, because we have used SEO that is not good and not right, then the blog could be deindexed someday (meaning that your blog will not appear on the Google search engine), get a penalty. Even worse, one day our blog can also be deleted because it violates the rules.

Therefore, using good and correct SEO techniques is a mandatory item to optimize your blog perfectly. And in order to avoid the risks that are not desirable as mentioned above.

In the world of blogging SEO techniques themselves are divided into two parts, namely:
  1. White Hat SEO techniques, and
  2. Black Hat SEO Technique
What is the White Hat SEO technique like? and what is the meaning of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO itself?

Understanding of White Hat SEO
What is White Hat SEO? White Hat SEO means SEO techniques that are correct and do not violate the rules. In a sense, by using the White Hat SEO technique, it means that you have used good and correct SEO techniques.

The White Hat SEO technique itself is — just — another name for good and true SEO techniques.
Apart from that, because this is a good and correct SEO technique, this technique is automatically recommended and allowed by Google, Yahoo, and others. In fact, it does not violate the rules set by search engines.

By optimization, White Hat SEO techniques focus more on quality content, as well as interesting, informative and useful content. And the optimizer only puts enough keywords. As in the title, in the contents of the article, and in the meta tag.

Not only that, the White Hat SEO technique is also known as Natural SEO, which is an SEO technique that relies on keywords (keywords) that are often written by many people in search engines. By targeting keywords that people often search for, then the potential for our blogs is also visited by many people.

In essence, the White Hat SEO technique is an SEO optimization technique that is not prohibited by search engines. SEO techniques that do not violate the rules. And, SEO techniques that are actually recommended by search engines, as well as SEO experts.
  • And, here are some examples of good and true SEO (White Hat SEO)
  • Make quality articles, which are complete and informative
  • Placing keywords correctly is not excessive. Enough in the title, content of the article, and in the meta-tag
Do link building (looking for backlinks) properly and correctly.
  • Templates and display of blogs that are mobile friendly
  • Manage meta-tags well, namely by targeting keywords
  • Promote your writing on social media, but don't spam "group to group"
  • etc
And then we will discuss ...

Understanding Black Hat SEO
What is Black Hat SEO? Black Hat SEO techniques are the opposite of White Hat SEO techniques.
Which means, the Black Hat SEO technique is a technique that is definitely not good and not right. As well as violating the rules. This technique is not recommended to be used to optimize your blog.

In addition, Black Hat SEO techniques are usually used to cheat, outsmart and deceive search engines so that their blogs can be on the first page of search engines. Even worse, the Black Hat SEO technique is also 'one hundred percent' in violation of the conditions set by search engines.

But usually blogs that use this method do not last long, in the sense that blogs that use Black Hat SEO techniques will immediately be sanctioned by search engines. Like decreasing ranking, deindex. And finally, maybe your favorite blog was deleted by the developer. Especially those who use bloggers in particular.

Here are some examples of bad and incorrect SEO (Black Hat SEO)
  • Copying someone's article (Maybe this is one Black Hat SEO; not respecting someone's work)
  • The application of excessive keywords in the content of the article
  • Making Link Farming; a page that contains only a very large collection of links. Can be one hundred, up to thousands of links on one page
The technique of repeating the title, the content contains only the titles that are reversed and repeated to search for new keywords so that their blog can appear on the first page of search engines.Maybe these are the things I can say at this time. EVEN.