Which is the best between SEO and Google Adwords? There is ongoing debate about which type of marketing is better for increasing traffic and value for your business between SEO and Google Adwords / Ads. Of course, the answers vary greatly depending on the nature of your business.

Google Adwords and SEO are important factors so that the website can be seen by many internet users. Even though Google Adwords and SEO are more commonly known as different types of web promotion / internet marketing media, they both have the same goal, namely to increase the traffic of a website. Well, first let's explain the meaning, benefits and differences in advance between SEO and Google Adwords so that you understand better and can decide the best for you to use.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
SEO is a series of processes carried out systematically by seo experts / web masters which aims to increase the amount of traffic and quality of content on a website and to get the best position so that it can occupy the first page of Google search engine results or other search engines.

SEO goals
SEO aims to place a website in the top position (1), or at least on the first page of search engine results based on certain keywords that have been analyzed / researched to target. Logically, websites that have topped the search engine results have a greater chance of getting potential visitors. Visitors can be converted into prospective customers or other purposes, this can be setup at the beginning of researching keyword + optimization of content / article creation. In line with the growing use of the internet network as a business media tool, the need for SEO also naturally increases.

SEO advantages
1. Will Have a Free 24-Hour Promotion Machine
Through SEO techniques like having a free promotional machine continuously will never stop, which will work full for 24 hours on Google search engine pages.

2. Unlimited Income
Unlimited number of clicks / web visits so that you will get unlimited / unlimited profits and higher ROI results compared to using Google Adwords / Ads for the long term.

Lack of SEO
1. Requires Special Attention
You need to remember that SEO requires 'special attention' in caring for a blog / website in various legal ways by Google, such as: updates to create quality content / articles, share to social media, build links, and more.

2. It takes quite a long time
SEO is not something instant in the process of making your site appear on the first page of search engine results on a regular basis, to get it requires a continuous process, time and evaluation. The result is of course the SEO progress you cannot see in a matter of hours, the progress takes weeks or even months. Everything will be seen over time. Maybe you think that SEO wastes time. Well, if it is a waste of time and hassle, you can hire SEO services to optimize your website / blog, both yours and the company, so that your website can reach the first page of Google search engine results properly. This will make you focus more on the main work not on the technical side. Advertising products of the type of PPC (Pay Per Click) made by Google are still the main source of income for Google in the advertising field.

Google Adwords / Ads
Google Adwords / Ads is a new advertising marketing strategy that uses the Google search engine as a means of advertising, commonly referred to as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or search engine based marketing.

Type of Google Adwords / Ads
1. PPM or Pay Per Million Impressions system
A system where advertisers pay for the products they advertise through Google based on the amount per thousand impressions or the appearance of these ads.

2. PPC or Pay Per Click system
A system where advertisers pay for their advertisements based on the number of clicks they get from the ad. So, if the advertisers' advertisements appear on the Google search engine but no one clicks on an ad, the advertiser will not pay the cost of the advertisement.

Advantages of Advertising on Google Adwords / Ads

1. Top-Position Impression Ads
You do not need to have difficulty to make your personal website appear and appear on google page 1 results to get traffic on your website. The website will run according to the keywords that you want in a matter of hours, but to use Google ads requires a relatively large fee. Of course this is not a problem for those of you who have thick pockets and give priority to quality. However, you are a good online businessman. Also must be able to calculate the return of investment if you want to use this google ads.

2. Achieved Quick Target
Your target visitors will be quickly reached as long as you keep subscribing to them.

3. Save Your Time
Of course, you hire Google Ads services that will make your work lighter and your ads guaranteed as long as you always pay for their services regularly.

Lack of Google Adwords / Ads
1. Requires a Large Cost
Even though it looks easy, just by specifying the keyword you will get large traffic to your website / blog. But this requires a considerable cost.

2. Management of the ad must be right
Besides that the management of the ad must also be right, don't let your credit card bill swell because you are wrong in targeting the keywords.

3. Ads Don't Last Forever
Your ad will last as long as you regularly pay for their services, if you don't have money, of course your ad will rank.
SEO and Google Adwords
Remember! not all businesses / services are suitable for using the PPC Ads advertisement model, because you have to calculate the advertising budget and return on investment so that you don't lose big