Forex applications for the iPhone and Android have been popular in recent years to make it easier for forex traders to access data in real-time, analyze currencies and even trade anytime, anywhere. From broker platforms to educational tools, this article will review 15 free and paid forex applications on smartphones that can help improve forex trader trading.
15 Forex Applications on Smartphones
Find and download applications
Applications for the iPhone and Android can be downloaded at the respective application store and may be used on a number of different hardware devices. The iPhone application can be used on the iPhone, iPad and Mac, in some cases, while the Android application can be used on a variety of devices that support the Google Android operating system.

IPhone applications can be downloaded at the App Store and Android applications can be downloaded from Google Play.

Some forex applications may require Internet access, which is often combined with smartphones, but may require additional fees for tablets and other devices. Most of the applications reviewed in this article can work well on wifi signals or cellular signals, provided Internet access is activated.

Forex trading application makes it easy for forex traders to make transactions while on the go. From proprietary forex broker solutions to marketing agnostic applications, forex traders have a variety of options available to them when placing trading from mobile devices, such as the iPhone or Android.

MetaTrader - is the most popular forex broker trading platform in the world available for free on iPhone and Android. This application allows traders to see price quotes and time in real-time, and utilize 30 technical indicators, 7 time frames and 3 different types of charts to analyze currency pairs.

Trade Interceptor - is another popular brokerage agnostic forex trading platform that is available for free on a number of mobile platforms. Like MetaTrader, this application allows forex traders to see real-time offers and place orders. But it also includes unique features, such as the ability to replay historical market movements to practice trading.

Platform Brokers - many forex brokers offer their own forex trading applications that are integrated with their platforms. For example, recently launched its own FOREXTrader for iPad application which provides trading capabilities, sophisticated charting tools, news and real-time trading ideas and analysis for free to its clients.

Forex Analysis Application
Forex analysis application can simplify the feasibility test and simplify the achievement on the journey for forex traders. From quotes to news to charts, there are many special applications that can enhance the default functionality seen in many brokerage applications or forex trading applications.

NetDania Forex - is a free provider for streaming currencies and global stock and commodity data, combining resources from various news sources and market indices. This application also makes it easy to set up prices and trend alerts, and take advantage of advanced charting with study and push setup notifications.

Trade Optimizer - is a paid application that provides 14 essential trading calculators to help forex traders manage risk, determine position size and conduct post-trading analysis. For example, the application can quickly notify any forex trader of trading expectations to add strength to see how quickly profits can accrue.

DJ FX Trader - is a free application from Dow Jones & Company that provides forex news and real-time market discussions to help start trading ideas, while providing insight into currency popularity and other valuable tools for forex traders.

FX360 - is a free application from that allows forex traders to track fundamental and technical data for currencies and global markets. This application displays live commentary, technical analysis, charting, economic calendar and FX news alert capabilities.

Swiss Forex - is a free application from Dukascopy Bank SA that provides a number of tools for forex traders, including direct quotes, technical charts, market news, economic calendar, TV Dukascopy, SWFX Sentiment Index, daily highs / lows, movers & launchers, pivot point levels and a forex calculator to make forex trading much easier.

From forex discussion forums to turotial articles, forex articles can give traders easy access to learn more on the go. Forex traders can use this resource to learn everything from the basics of simple forex to complex trading strategies.

BabyPips - provides a free, funny and easy-to-understand guide for forex beginners to learn how to trade on the forex market. The mobile version of this service provides direct access to the Forex Forum, where potential traders go to learn everything from forex psychology to advanced charting techniques.

FX Trader Magazine - is a leading forex magazine published every three months with in-depth macroeconomic reports, fundamental / technical analysis, trading strategy reviews, educational resources, interviews with successful traders and market experts, psychological studies and reviews of tools and resources forex trading sources.

Forex Signals Application
The forex signal application is designed to provide forex traders with buying or selling trading signals, no matter where they place trades. This signal can be very valuable when trying to manage risk and find profitable trading on the forex market. There are many examples of free forex signal service providers on Android such as from Forex Signal 24, Zforex, Market Profit, etc.

FX Trend Radar - is a popular tool for retail traders who are looking for a quick glance at the forex market from several time frames. Paid applications use an easy-to-use detection system and dashboard for forex traders to find trends in several time frames, from five-minute charts to one-day charts.

FX Retracement Radar - is a popular tool developed by the creator of the Trend Radar FX application, which focuses on identifying technical retracements. Paid applications also include momentum analysis features that distinguish high-momentum retracements from normal momentum.

FX Breakout Radar - is the most popular of the three forex signal applications developed by the same company. Forex traders can use this paid application to identify channel breaks that are commonly used in this industry. This application provides an easy-to-use interface for identifying in various currency pairs in real-time.

Other Application
There are many other forex applications that traders might want to consider. From an economic calendar to market open / close data, this application can help forex traders stay on top of important information and ensure they place the right trades at the right time.

About Forex - is a free Forex learning application that is equipped with forex learning classes and provides a variety of useful basic knowledge for novice traders ranging from how to play forex suitable for beginners to profitable forex strategies.

Forex Hours - is a simple paid application that notifies investors when several forex centers around the world open. traders can use this information to place a trade when liquidity is best, and to see which currencies are most likely to be active at what time.

iEconCal - is a paid application that provides a complete economic calendar that covers all major economies throughout the world. Forex traders can use this application to prepare alerts when major economic data is released in real-time and stay abreast of developments in market movements and currency fundamentals.

Free Forex Bonus Promotion - is a free forex application that provides information on various forex promotions and bonuses that are often given by forex brokers to their clients. Examples of forex promotions include No Deposit Bonuses, Deposit Bonuses, Forex Contests and others.

Forex applications on smartphones are a great way for forex traders to learn, analyze and trade currencies while on the go. The 15 forex applications on smartphones covered in this article are some of the most popular applications, but there are hundreds more that provide various services.