To be on the main page of a search engine like Google, for example, is not as easy as we imagine. You need to remember, that there are lots of business people and managers of websites or blogs who always want to appear on the main page called OnePage.

If you were a businessman, a website or blog manager, what would you do? Can your business be easily found by many people? Can your website perform well on the main page of the search engine? and whether you are able, articles or content that you made on the top page in the search engine?

Maybe with 3 types of SEO techniques below can be learning material for my friends who want to learn. There are also questions and answers about SEO which often become the main topic for some people who are beginners to be able to compete to create content or articles that are quickly indexed by search engines like Google.

What are the 3 types of SEO techniques that are most important and that you should know:

This first technique is a technique that is highly recommended by search engines in SEO optimization. This method is also a clean way or step in improving the quality of your website or blog to be in the ranks of other SEO websites.

This first technique also requires patience, patience and accuracy in content creation. By applying this first technique, it makes your website last long in the main pages of search engines.

There are several steps that you must do to apply this technique:
- URL optimization (Learn about dynamic URLs and static URLs)
- There is Meta Text
- Keyword Research / Keywoard
- Original content
- Quality Link Building
- Neat and Not Boring Templates
This second type of technique is the opposite of the first technique (White Hat SEO). The second technique is called the technique that violates the rules set by the search engine.

Indeed, this second technique can lift your website or blog to the main page, but only in a matter of time and has the potential to be blocked by search engines.

The steps for applying the second technique are as follows:
- Number of Unclear Links
- Number of Repetitions of Use of Keyboards
- Comment spam
- Doorway
And many more steps like the black flow. Remember, buddy, for this second technique with steps or methods that are not good and not justified by search engines

Well, this third technique is a combination / mix technique of steps or methods in the first and second techniques (White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO). Of course, this method is also not justified, the possibility of search engines to provide tolerance or reprimand to immediately improve the website.

In short there are 4 important points that you must do, as a start of SEO optimization are as follows:
- Hosting and Choosing the Right Domain
- King of Content Articles
- Fixed and Quality Backlinks
- Social Media
At the end of the discussion about the 3 most important types of SEO, you know and take the right path for better results.

Hopefully the discussion above can be useful and useful to improve the quality of your website in the eyes of search engines.