Overcoming the Slow Axis Internet - We certainly often access the internet using mobile devices and feel interference because the internet is slow. Because of this you will feel very annoyed right? I myself have felt something like that when the Bornet Axis package is slow. Though most activities carried out on Android phones are always connected to the internet.

Somehow the Axis network today is very slow even though the signal is captured by the device quite a lot. Not only on 3G networks, but 4G networks that should be faster are also very slow when used to open websites or YouTube. Even though there seems to be no interference with the system because when checking credit, SMS, quota check, and others do not experience the slightest obstacle.
4G APN Settings To Overcome Slow Axis Internet
4G APN Settings To Overcome Slow Axis Internet
Well, finally I look for ways to speed up the Axis internet on my Android that uses the Axis network and from several sources give some tips on how to stabilize the Axis network by setting Axis internet. But it did not stop there actually there are still other things that cause slow besides due to problems in the APN configuration. Here are some causes of a slow internet connection.

Causes of Slow Axis Internet
  1. System disruption to the operator which results in less than maximum network connection.
  2. Unstable network. Usually it will be marked by switching from 4G to 3G repeatedly. To overcome this, please read how to lock the 4G network.
  3. The burden on the operator's network is too heavy because many internet users are on the same network.
  4. Not registered yet.
If the above is not the cause then there is one more cause that is likely to result in slow Axis networks today, namely the incorrect APN Axis settings. If you use other operators we have also discussed the APN settings of Telkomsel, XL, Indosat, Tri and Smartfreen in the previous article. If the internet connection is slow due to this error it is actually very easy to overcome. Check out the discussion below to find out how.