Blogging is not a job that you can pay every month. It is not a place to find food for families and it is not a place for livelihood. Blogging is a hobby, a hobby where you can publish good information that you know directly or get news from other people.
Basic Tips to Become a Successful Blogger
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Platfom for Blogging such as: Blogger / blogspot, wordpress and many more. But at this time, the famous none other than Google's partner is Blogger / blogspot.

Apart from we can create a free blog with a subdomain of blogspot, you can also achieve success and income starting from your own.

For those of you who are beginners, you need to know before building a personal or public blog, some tips that you might be able to follow or learn from as materials where you can become a successful blogger.

The following TIPS:

1. Having a Strong Desire
If you as a beginner want to dive into the world of Blogging and aim to earn money or income and fame, then I guarantee you will not be long. Believe me? Even though money and fame are important factors in your life, they are not all that instant. It takes process that even months and years to be able to get income and fame.

How long does it take to be a successful Blogging?
The question above must have crossed the mind of a beginner blogging, this can be said to be various. It all depends on you, to build a luxurious and comfortable house, you need to work hard.

Enjoy the good process, then you will also enjoy good results.

2. Strong Intention
In this second tip, you really need to strengthen your intention to become a successful blogger. What is your goal to become a successful blogger? What can you do to be a successful blogger? Why did you choose to become a successful blogger?

You need to be determined and make sure your intentions by answering all the questions that are on your mind.

3. Determine the Blog Name
If you have already passed the first and second tips above, then in the third tips it's time to give your blog's name. You can give a name in accordance with what will be discussed in each article on this blog. You can also give the name of the blog with your own name. The name of this blog will bring you to be famous and easy to remember. It could also be the name of this blog is your luck.

Try to give the name of money simple and easy for others to remember. Do not cover the possibility of this blog naa can also make you achieve fame and steady income.

4. Subdomain or Top Domain Level
At this time tips, after you pass the first tips to the fourth tips, then this time you must determine the domain name for your blog. You can also name it the same as the name of your blog (more effective and easy to remember) or you can also specify other domain names.

Let's learn about the domain below:

What is DOMAIN?
More details are called Domain Name System (DNS). Names that are easier to remember than remember IP (Internet Protocol) numbers such as (e.g.).

IP itself is basically similar to telephone numbers because it uses numbers.

What is Top Domain Level (TDL)?
Top Level Domain refers to the Top Level Domain Name of the system.
And there are many more TDL examples that you may have seen and saved in your mind.

What is Subdomain?
Sub domains are part of the Top Level Domain. Maybe the form we have often seen, maybe even you have the sub domain.

Sub Domain can also be said is a child of the Top Level Domain.
Alright buddy, now you specify your blog, do you want to use Sub Domain or Top Domain Level?

My advice anyway, you use TDL because you really are building a blog from scratch. You can determine where you want to take your blog and you as the main owner of the blog.

After you choose a domain name. Choose domain extensions that are familiar to internet users. Maybe these 5 types of domain extensions advice from me namely. COM, NET, ORG or CO.ID, ID If indeed you have a targeted visitor from Indonesia.

Avoid choosing domains other than the 5 types of extensions above. Do not use strange domains, friend, like xzy, mom, rock and others. A successful blogger is being able to choose the right domain name for his future success.

Oh yes, choose the right rental domain or hosting provider that is trusted that has VAT or state income tax. Indeed expensive, around Rp 135,000 / year. But at least you have started well.

5. Resolve Problems
In general, you see a blogger or blogging be it Indonesian or foreign looking relaxed and happy. You don't know yet that they have the level of problems they need to solve. Like a word, the higher the tree, the faster the tree will also be blown by the wind.

You as a beginner, make it a habit to solve every problem whether it's small or big.

Wise in taking action and wise also in completing. I am sure that you are a successful prospective blogger in the future. amen