Glossary of Indonesian Non-Standard Words

List of Indonesian Standard-Non-Standard Words in accordance with the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) and the General Guidelines for Indonesian Spelling (PUEBI).
Glossary of Indonesian Non-Standard Words
BAKU means principal, principal or standard (KBBI). So, what is meant here is not the capital of the capital and the largest city of Azerbaijan,

standard 1 / ba · ku / n 1 principal; main: rice is a food ingredient - for the people of Indonesia; 2 benchmarks that apply to the quantity or quality determined by agreement; standard; - gold valuation based on the value of the gold price;

Understanding the Standard-Nonstandard Words
The standard word is the main, main, or standard word in Indonesian.
The list of standard non-standard words in Indonesian below is not intended as a complete list of standard non-standard words.

The list below contains only the words that are used most often and the most frequently "mistyped", especially in reporting in mass media, communication on social media, and in advertisements.

Do you still remember the XL ad that reads "Reliable Network"? That's just one example. Writing the word "reliable" is not standard. The standard: "reliable", as in the sentence "Rooney and van Persie are the two mainstay striker MU". MU also "rely" (not "rely") both in every match.

Another standard word that is often "ignored" is the word practice (not practice). Practicum right? Not a practicum! So, the correct (standard) is "Practical Doctor", not "Practical Doctor".

The third word after it is reliable and the practice that is often ignored by default is the word risk. The word risk is often written "risk". False. The truth: risk.

Another standard word is imbau, not appeal. We appeal, not we appeal.

Likewise the word debt is often written debt. Standard word: debt.

The standard writing of the five words - scandal, practice, risk, appeal, and debt - you can check in the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI). The standard Indonesian language reference dictionary does not recognize reliable words, practices, appeals, risks, and debt.

Glossary - Not Standard
The default word is listed first, the second nonstandard word.
  • active - active
  • activities
  • pharmacies - pharmacies
  • athlete - athlete
  • You (A, uppercase) - you
  • reliable - reliable
  • analysis - analysis
  • queued - queued
  • principle - principle
  • Scholar - scholar
  • intellectuals - intellectuals
  • diagnoses
  • details
  • breath - blow
  • extreme - extreme
  • extremist - extremist
  • February - February
  • frequency - frequency
  • foundations;
  • hierarchy - hierarchy
  • nature - essence
  • memorize - memorize
  • diploma - diploma
  • permission - permission
  • appeal - appeal
  • suck, suck, suck
  • wife - wife
  • frenetic - frenetic
  • capital city (separated) - the capital
  • bodies - bodies
  • precisely - precisely
  • Glossary of Non-Standard Words K
  • careers
  • category - category
  • conference - conference
  • complex / complex
  • qualification - qualification
  • qualitative - qualitative
  • quantitative - quantitative
  • quality - quality
  • sermons
  • mosques
  • brands
  • seal - meterei
  • billion - billion
  • missions
  • billion - billion
  • noble - mulya
  • museum - museum
  • methods
  • turned upside down
  • breath
  • resource persons
  • advice
  • advisors
  • November - November
  • advice
  • objects
  • objective - objective
  • sports (put together) - sports
  • parents (put together, if what is meant by "father-mother")
  • parents (separated, if what is meant by "old / old person")
  • optimistic (nature / attitude) - optimistic (person)
  • pessimistic (nature / attitude) - pessimistic (person)
  • Glossary of Non-Standard Words P
  • care - care
  • practices
  • provinces
  • understand
  • detachment
  • settlements (settlements / settlements) - settlements (settling processes)
  • sons and daughters
  • daughters
  • think about it
  • risks
  • just (basic words: content = size)
  • reality - reality
  • responses
  • please - please
  • systems
  • celebrities - celebrities
  • subjects
  • soccer (separated) - soccer
  • Sumatra - Sumatra
  • nerves
  • subjective - subjective
  • heaven - heaven, heaven
  • friendship - friendship
  • signature (separated) - signature
  • thank you (separated) - thank you
  • techniques
  • technology - technology
  • skilled - skilled
  • already - already
  • displaced - displaced
  • trillion - trillion
  • change
  • change - change
  • debts
  • mayor (separated) - mayor
  • era
  • now age - today
There are still many other Indonesian non-standard words. Just check it at KBBI Online. There will be a standard note of the words we enter there.

What I am surprised about is why the Language Institution seems to be "ignoring" the writing of non-standard words.

At least there is an effort to socialize non-standard words in accordance with the General Guidelines for Indonesian Spelling (PUEBI) which used to be called Enhanced Spelling (EYD).

It could be, because the writing of non-standard words is not a crime, then omission occurs. The important thing is that people understand! Tul 'no ????

Writing standard words matches the characteristics of journalistic languages, namely in terms of saving words (economy of words). See, the number of letters in the standard word is less than the number of letters in the non-standard word, right?
CLINTON GULTOM seoarang anak petani dan keluarga miskin dan hanya ingin mengetahui apa yang saya belum ketahui dan juga memperdalam ilmu dunia

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