What is IB Forex Broker?
Basically we also have to understand what is an IB (Intoducing Broker) where the IB is tasked as a partner of a forex broker who works together to develop a forex broker and is looking for clients to transact using the services of a broker that we have collaborated with. Clear?? And from the clients that we recruit and conduct transactions at the forex broker that we introduce, then we will get a reward in the form of $$ commission from the results of transactions that clients trade depending on the number of lots that the client is trading. That is the reward given by Forex Brokers if we become their IB. The point is IB Forex Broker is marketing from a forex broker, but we can run it online.
How to become a Forex IB
How to become a Forex IB
How to become a successful Forex Broker IB?

1. Because this business is an online business, you must have online capital, what capital: the Internet and the ability to process words on social media.

The power of social media to capture new forex traders is the easiest thing we do. Take advantage of Social media to promote Brokers that you collaborate with, such as on Twitter, Blogs, Facebook and many others. Creating Groups, Communities and the like will get you faster with clients because social media is an incredible online marketing tool today.

2. Use persuasive words to invite clients to join your partner Broker on a blog or on social media that invites them to be interested in joining. For example, give a free EA Prize from me if I register through my affiliation.

3. If you are already professional in forex trading, give them forex signals, online workshops in the form of ebooks or presentations. Or give them as much clear information as possible about what they are asking about that makes them interested in joining your broker. Either in the form of ways to deposit, withdraw and so on.

4. For novice traders that you refer or recruit, give them information about Forex Investment, and if you open an account through a referral you tell them to open a demo account. The point is to give a good education about Forex before they invest and trade their funds in large amounts in a real account without understanding the market in forex itself. This is important for wise IB brokers.

5. Become a Professional IB Broker. If you want your product to sell, you have to be really professional in this matter, whether it's your discussion about forex, your analysis and signals, your website or blog, your contact address must really look professional, this will mean a lot to you in selling the broker you introduced. don't just sell Affiliate links without you knowing what you are selling.

6. In addition to utilizing Social Media, join the Forex Forum, both in the forex forum and similar investments.

7. Advertise, you can do this or not, you can advertise in free or paying advertisements, because there are many websites that offer free or paid advertising. Keep in mind that if you place an ad using an image banner, make sure the link goes to your IB Broker affiliate link, so that it is right on target.
8. Follow Up, this is also a very important thing. If you already have a prospective trader, you can follow up through the existing contact info with this, you can quickly get clients.

9. Focus on this business, Becoming an IB Broker (Agent) is a business. There is no difference in property agents who are looking for clients, easily and easily difficult, but fortune and opportunities are certainly there. Nothing is impossible. Believe me, your hard work will be paid in proportion to the effort you have made. Never focus on results, but focus first on the process of your efforts to promote the broker you choose.

After all of the above you do, register one of the brokers as a Partner after that you will get a link, so that when the link is clicked and clicked into the broker you will get a commission for each transaction from your client.