Confused how to fix location or region on MIUI 9? Here is how. The emergence of MIUI 9 is good news for the lovers of the Xiaomi mobile phone or better known as MI Fans. But apparently the update not only provides additional features, but new problems also appear on the devices of MI Fans. One of the bugs that often annoys Xiaomi users, one of which is that the region or location by default cannot change from China.
How to Fix the Latest MIUI 9 Location or Region
How to Fix the Latest MIUI 9 Location or Region
MIUI 9 carries a lot of new features such as split screen, but all of it does not seem comparable to the problems that arise earlier. There are many ways that we can actually do it like adding an ID code or even replacing a CN code with an ID. But for this time we will discuss using a file that is flashed through TWRP. So, make sure your device is in a root state and installed TWRP.

If your Xiaomi cellphone is not rooted yet, you can find the root method according to the type on Gpoogle or Youtube. Usually before rooting you need to do an UBL (unlock boot loader) first and the most important thing is to choose TWRP according to the room used.

To make UBL easy enough to be able to fix locations, you just have to visit the MIUI website and then follow the instructions or if you are still confused can browse. By installing TWRP, you can not only solve the location problem, but you can also install the ROM as you like, as long as the ROM is compatible with your Xiaomi cellphone.

How to Perform MIUI Region Fix
Back to the main discussion about the fix region in MIUI 9 Global is as follows. Read it carefully to avoid mistakes.
  1. At this point, I assume that Xiaomi HH is rooted and installed TWRP.
  2. Download the file for the MIUI 9 Global fix region here.
  3. Place the file outside the folder on internal storage.
  4. Turn off the HP until it is completely off. When done, enter TWRP by pressing the combination button according to your cellphone type.
  5. After successfully entering the TWRP menu immediately select install> find the file that was successfully downloaded> if it has been found press flash or install> wait for it to finish.
  6. Usually it will reboot automatically, but if not you can reboot it manually.
  7. Well, wait until HH lights up again.
  8. If it is on, enter the settings menu / settings> additions or location> select the location as you wish ..
  9. Done
That was an easy way to fix the MIUI region fix that you can do to deal with mobile phones that cannot be changed in location. The thing to note is that you have to follow the steps that I shared because if it isn't possible your HH will experience an error. If you have questions about the fix region, please write in the comments column