How to Fix Region or Location in MIUI Global ROM and China Version On Xiaomi - Xiaomi android smartphone has proven to be a lot of users, especially in Indonesia. With 2 types of warranty sold either TAM Official or Local Distributor's warranty is not a possibility that there is no problem with the cellphone, some users have problems unable to set the region / location because after rebooting or restarting it always returns to the china / china location.

Lots of cases that occur in xiaomi with various types of series that have problems can not change the location / region, because it is always bounced out. This is caused by users updating the miui update to the latest version which causes the region to be stuck in China or China.
How to Fix Region in MIUI Global ROM and China Version on Xiaomi
How to Fix Region in MIUI Global ROM and China Version on Xiaomi
However, most of them are already rooting and installing twrp, then updating the ROM version of MIUI without wiping it first, as a result the region cannot be changed. However, that does not mean it only occurs on phones that have been rooted and installed only, but there are also many xiaomi android users who do updates through the default xiaomi update system (without twrp).

However, you do not need to worry because here admin will give you all solutions for how to resolve locations or regions that cannot be changed either in ROM 9 or MIUI 10 global beta, stable and Chinese version. So, therefore, let us look carefully at the tutorial that the admin will share this time.

Can this be practiced for xiaomi users who have not Unlock Bootloader (UBL) or specifically for users who are already UBL and have twrp installed? take it easy, for those of you who haven't installed twrp and haven't unlocked the bootloader, the admin will share how, and here below.

How to Fix Region or Country Location in MIUI 9/10 Global Beta, Stable and Chinese Version
Actually there are 3 methods that the admin will share with you all about how to fix the region in xiaomi, both xiaomi users who have not installed twrp and also have custom twrp installed. This tutorial is guaranteed to be 100% working because the admin has tried it himself, and you can see below how.

How to Fix Locations on MIUI 9/10 Global and Chinese Version Via TWRP
  1. Please download the file first.
  2. Then place it on the internal memory / sdcard (put it outside the folder).
  3. Then enter TWRP mode by pressing the Volume Up + Power button and release after the xiaomi logo appears.
  4. Then enter the "Install" menu from the look for the .zip file that has been downloaded previously.
  5. Slide the arrow to the right to begin the script installation process, and wait a few moments to finish.
  6. When finished, please select Reboot to restart the phone.
  7. See, now the region has been successfully repaired and can be changed to the State of Indonesia.
  8. If it is still not resolved and is always bounced when restarted then you can use the tutorial below, guaranteed to succeed.
How to Fix Location on MIUI 9/10 Without UBL Via Miflashtool
The last way to be able to change the location of the country on xiaomi that has not been ubled and installed twrp / root can then flash it again using miflashtool. This method is very powerful at all, because with a flash ROM reset will delete all the data both cache (junk) and others to make the android phone to be like new again.

Guide to install MIUI ROM via Miflash
  1. Download all the materials above and for rom please adjust for each type of xiaomi.
  2. If you have xiaomi with a distributor warranty type and have not been published, you must use the ROM China (Global ROM version should not be recommended).
  3. Extrack rom that has been downloaded.
  4. Install drivers and miflashtool on pc / laptop.
  5. Open the miflashtool.exe application on the already installed one.
  6. Then navigate by clicking "Browse" to the ROM folder that has been extracked before.
  7. Do not forget to also check the "Flash All" at the bottom.
  8. Enter Fastboot mode by pressing the Volume Down + Power button until the mibunny logo appears.
  9. However, if you are a xiaomi distributor warranty user and have not been published, you can enter EDL mode first using the "Test Point" and if you have Unlock Bootloader then you can follow step number 8.
  10. Connect the android smartphone, and press the "Refresh" button on the miflash to find out the device is connected properly or not.
  11. Then press the "Flash" button to start the flashing process.
  12. Wait a few minutes to finish, at least 10 minutes.
  13. After completion, the phone will automatically reboot / restart.
  14. Wait for the boot process to finish, sometimes it can take up to 15 minutes.
  15. Done
That is the article that admin can share with you on How to Fix Locations or Regions in MIUI 9 or 10 on Xiaomi of all types and types. Hope you can help and provide many benefits to all of you, thank you.