What’s the secret to getting increased brand recognition? Is that something you’d want for your business? But you probably aware of other brands that are able to make their brand recognizable by creating an aesthetic visual identity with their interactive approach to logo design.
How to Get Increased Brand Recognition with Animated Logo Design
You must be wondering how they do it. Do they consider logo design as their full-fledged marketing strategy? You guessed it right, they do! Apart from other branding elements the design of your logo is critical to determine how your target audience identify your brand from the marketing noise.

Let me walk you through how an animated design of logo will help you maximize your brand recognition, and how you can easily create one for your brand or get it done from a professional logo design agency for instance, Logo Orbit.

Why Choose Animated Logo Design over Static Logo Design?
With emerging digital trends the static logo is no longer beneficial to position your brand on top of your target audience mind. People nowadays feel connected with interactive visuals that evokes their emotions. And this is what exactly the animated logo does to make your audience feel intrigued.

Here’s the secret.
By creating a dynamic animated logo design you can guarantee to reap the following benefits.
It helps you maximize the level of brand engagement by holding audience attention longer
It helps you get increased brand awareness by creating a visual that’s both timeless & eminent
It helps you bring your brand to life with exciting power of the moving images that speaks volume
It enables you to present your brand story interactively that resonates with your target audience
It helps audience better recall your brand and evoke emotions that keeps them immersed

Animated logo design brings great value to your brand’s visual identity. It helps you to cut through the marketing noise and create a unique identity that gives your brand an edge over your competitors. It also helps you in conveying your brand message via storytelling that boost interactivity & brand’s engagement.
Get Inspired From Famous Animated Logos

To help you get started with an animated logo design here’s the list of some amazing brands that used animated logos to represent their top-tier businesses. Their logos are a true depiction of how you can convey a difficult message through a sleek yet pragmatic approach to logo design.
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Flickr
  • Skype
  • FedEx
  • Glug
  • Nike
  • Uber
Amazing, isn’t it?
Animated logos have become popular enough to trigger audience attention. Thus, if you want to have a dominant position in the market you’ve to think about creating one for your brand too. Take inspiration from the above company’s logos to get your creative juices flowing that helps you outperform in designing a unique animated logo for your brand.

Modern Logo Animation Trends to Consider
Designing is an art which you can master too if you know the basics of how you can make the most of creative animation trends. But, crafting animated logos is somehow a bit challenging. Here I am sharing some logo animation trends that can help you initiate with the best of practices. Let’s quickly go through some of the top-notch trends that are most demanded.
  1. Hiding & Revealing logo designs
  2. Hand-drawn animated logo design
  3. Rotating logo designs
  4. Morphing logo designs
  5. Expanding logo designs
  6. 3D animated logo
Go-to-Animation & Motion Graphics Software’s to Consider
You’re about to find some practicable and easy-to use software’s that helps you learn best the art of motion graphics. Although, there a variety of software’s to learn from but here I have compiled only the ones that enables you to revolutionize the way you go about designing your motion graphics.
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • After Effects
  • Advanced Software’s
  • Cel Animation Tools – Adobe Animate and Moho
  • Nuke
  • Houdini
  • Maya
  • Syntheyes
The above mentioned software’s are helpful if you are willing to learn about motion graphics or how you can go about creating animations. It is recommended to go through articles, tutorials that will help you in learning in-depth about creating exciting motion graphics.
Placement of Animated Logos

Ever wondered how you can best make use of animated logos to magnify your brand’s value? The secret lies in how you can best utilize logo of your brand to make people recall it easily. Once you are done with creating an animated logo for your brand it’s now time to decide on where you can best place it. Well-crafted logo serves as an invaluable asset to your brand that if not utilized properly will lose its vitality.

Here’s how you can better utilize your animated logo.
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Business Presentations
  • Brand Marketing Videos
  • Company Website
  • Office Screens
  • Digital Advertisements
Before using animated logo at these places you’ve to carefully consider each aspect of the platform you’re using and personalize it accordingly. Remember, the design of your animated logo plays an important role to captivate audience attention. Hence, you should consider having your logo design crafted from professional designers that creates interactive yet engaging logos.

Logo serves as the most critical part of your brand’s visual identity that nearly everyone is noticing. Are you paying enough attention to how your target audience perceives your brand? To keep your brand competitive you need to focus on creating a unique logo for your brand preferably an animated logo that work wonders to build an aesthetic presence of your brand.

With animated logo you can tell your brands story in an entertaining way that will motivate your audience to dive deeper into what unique you’re offering. Remember, the design of your logo needs to be simple yet effective enough to convey the message and same applies when creating an animated logo.

I hope this article will inspire you to think about creating an animated logo for your brand.