What Is Keyword Research?
Keyword is a term of words or phrases that people use when searching on search engines like Google, bing, and others.

What is the purpose?
The most important keyword research goal is to find out what topics or discussions people are looking for or visitors on search engines such as: Google, bing, yahoo or others, related to your blog or business.
How To Research Keywords Or Keywords
How To Research Keywords Or Keywords
If you have a blog with dozens or hundreds of articles that you have made and you post, but you do not apply keyword research techniques or keywords in it is a useless thing.

Writing carelessly without doing research is lying because the blog will feel lonely and we as owners or managers also feel frustrated and confused. In fact, there are already lots of free tools on the internet that we can use to see the search volume per day or per month.

In addition to using the Google Keyword Planner, you can use the Ubersuggest tool to search for the Right Derived Keywords. But you need to make sure by using the Keyword Planner before deciding to use these Keywords.

The benefits of keyword research on Google, Bing, Yahoo and others will properly affect our earnings too. Therefore let us consider the following are some of the advantages:

1. Many Visitors or Visitors:
It's no wonder, if you do your research right, then visitors or visitors will always come according to the keywords you are targeting. These keywords can appear on the main page of Google or you could say with pageOne and can also be due to recommendations from visitors through social media. You can also learn in advance so that your site or blog is easily found by the biggest search engine Google or others.

2. Beat Other Keywords:
Beating other keywords or competitors' websites or other blogs, of course you have to use multiple keywords in one article. Well, the advantage is that you can beat the number of keywords that appear according to your target.

3. Determine Sub-Heading
If you have done the right research, then you can separate sub-headings. For example you can determine which should be placed in H2, H3, H4, Qoute, and so on. This is very influential in the eyes of Google because it will look beautiful.

4. Navigate on clear articles
If indeed if your article is complete, it is definitely the destination of visitors will be easy to get. For example, searching about learning SEO, then they will understand how to learn SEO correctly. Therefore, you must make navigation on articles that are good, clear and easy to understand.

Well, maybe until here the CS discussion about how to research keywords or keywords which will later be discussed in the next post is about how to do keyword research or the correct keywords on your blog or in an article