Tips to Increase DA and PA - What are DA and PA? Before we discuss further, let us consider first the understanding of DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority). For those of you who are beginners working in the world of blogging, of course you should know this.

Domain Authority is an assessment developed by Moz. DA assessment is in the main domain for example, www. yourdomainname. com / article or post article. Whereas Page Authority is the rating of each URL on your web page or blog.
Tips to Increase DA and PA
Tips to Increase DA and PA
The point is that each website or blog has its own domain value but has a different Page Authority value depending on the quality of each page. For example suppose www. your domain. com (DA) then suppose again www. your domain. com / article (PA).

Generally DA and PA are not the main parameters for Google PageOne unlike Alexa Rank.

How to Increase DA on your blog or website?
It's really easy, you just need to follow some TIPS below:

1. Make a quality article
Try to make the original article and liked by visitors. Your goal is to make a web or blog so that humans visit not robots.

2. Expand Internal Link
On the previous blog I have proven myself by increasing the Internal Link on each article post is very good for the growth of your blog or website. However, you must regularly use this internal link.

3. Make Quality Backlinks
Creating quality backlinks means SEO Off Page. Basically seo off this page is how you get quality backlinks.

4. Removing Bad or Dead Backlinks
You must remember that the backlinks that we are looking for are backlinks that are alive and of high quality. So you can monitor which backlinks are dead or bad, do the removal on the backlink so that it does not damage the quality of your web or blog.

5. Waiting for your Domain is old yes
Increasing DA and PA is not easy and not instant. You must be patient first so that your blog or website is old.

6. Expand Article Publication
You must frequently publish articles on your blog or website on a regular basis. If you can do 3 articles a day, then do it every day like that. However, if you are able to post 1 / day, then do it like that every day.

7. Share to social media or your colleagues
If you have a WA, FB group and other media. You can have the opportunity to get visitors who are in the same topic of discussion in your article. Don't share it with social media, but it's only natural.

Remember, the main key of all the tips above are articles or creative content and attract you. The article is like a spider's web, the more it is stronger and more beautiful too. heheh

You also need to be patient to get what you want. Don't be in a hurry and moreover you are still a beginner so just follow what you know. Learn a lot or join a group that talks about what you want to know.

Continue to present quality articles that can benefit everyone. Later your blog or writing can be famous and sought after by many people.

Well, maybe that's all TIPS from CalonSeo. Hope it can be useful for those of you who are beginners