Understanding REO techniques and how they work - For a blogger or site builder, you must already be familiar with SEO. This title is used for small blogs that want to become big blogs that compete with millions of keywords to achieve page one position (page 1 in Google search).

SEO is a search engine optimization, which functions to optimize every keyword article on our blog to the Google search engine to conduct keyword competition and the selection of the best keywords to get the first position on Google pages.
Understanding of REO Technique and How It Works
But to get the first position on Google, it's not as easy as you imagine. For SEO optimization on 1 keyword article, we can spend hours. Just imagine, if my friend has articles that are up to hundreds or even thousands, how do I optimize keywords so many and how to make good articles in the eyes of Google.

So there is a mention in the blogger, buying and selling SEO articles, which means we will buy articles at high prices to sellers to get some SEO articles with good search keywords in the Google search engine.

If I am not mistaken, the article created by SEO workers (writing services), is an article writing service that uses a premium tool, to analyze or guess the keywords you want.

And the words are also, what the article buying and selling services are successful, and can make our blog in the first position by using SEO techniques. Even though in my opinion it's not true.

Based on my experience joining bloggers 3 years ago, the article buying and selling service was actually tasked with making original or self-made articles, not for ranking on Google.

If you get a service by expressing it as explained above, just cancel it or block it. Because SEO is pure, the results of guessing and own research, not careless research and writing carelessly important original and not assessed plagiarism. That's not what SEO is.

Even if there is a service about SEO that states exactly the above, of course the payment is expensive. Because blogs, blogs now reach millions to billions.

To guess 1 big keyword with millions of keywords, it's really difficult in this day and age, especially the new Google algorithm has been updated in 2019. Yeah, it's really unlikely.

In my opinion, REO is a Research Engine Optimization, which means we will repeat the title keywords, to be added to article posts and images while still using the same title keywords in them. Like SEO, but repeated.

Which, if explained in detail, REO is a development of SEO, in the original article, the blog has a pretty good DA PA blog evaluation, an article that many people like, has sitelinks and keyword content on the Google search engine.

Or it can be abbreviated, SEO is like a backlink search (want to doang only), while the REO, is like a repeat of keywords or in-depth optimization of the article (for sure)

The essence of this REO article is how you can repeat the same keywords with different keywords on Google to be on the first page. Which means, you keep guessing the correct keywords on Google, and continue to submit to Google Webmasters to get the desired keywords.

Because in my experience, you will get a position on page 1-2 of google, if you do research on the Google search engine and continue to submit to Google Webmaster 10 times, with clear guesses of keywords.

SEO is temporary, the keywords can be shifted with other keywords, while REO is permanent, the keywords, will remain the same, although many keywords are better.

How to do REO on your blog that is, as I explained earlier, look for your opponent's keywords on the first page (page one), create a similar article, but the keyword must be in the article by word, then in the picture must have words key article titles, both at the opening and at the end of the article, there is mention of the article title, then submit it. If you lose the keyword competition, change the keyword again until it works until you are at the top.