Understanding the Press, Media, and Journalism and the Differences. There is a question, what is the difference between the press, the media - mass media and journalism?

There are also terms of press, mass media, and journalistic media. What is the meaning? Are there more names like "Press Personnel", "Media Personnel", "Media Persons", "Media Crew", or "Press Workers" and "Media Workers", but there is no such term as "Journalistic Persons"?
Understanding the Press, Media, and Journalism and the Differences
I will review the Understanding of the Press, Media, and Journalism and the differences are practical, not theoretical or scientific reviews that are usually quoted there quote here.

Definition of the Press
Press (press) in language means pressing or printing. The term press is used for print media - newspapers, tabloids, magazines - which go through the printing process. There is "pressure" on the printing press when printing.

In term, the press is all types of printed media publications (printed media, printed publications).

In its development, the term press is used for all mass media, print or electronic (radio / television). Online media or news sites that appear later also in the press category.

I define the press as an institution or company engaged in the field of reporting, both print, electronic and online.

Understanding Media
The media (plural of mediums) are means, intermediaries, or watch out for the dissemination of information. Which through the process of printing is called print media. What needs electricity is called electronic media (radio / television).

The media is short for mass media (mass media), which is a means of mass communication or delivery of messages to many people.

The messages in the media are generally in the form of news (actual information or information about events that just happened), also in the form of ideas, ideas, thoughts - in the form of opinion writing - and features - whether the combination of news and opinion with the style of sasatra presentation.

Messages distributed in the media can also be in the form of images (photos), graphics, audio, and video.

Understanding Journalism
Linguistically, journalism is a matter of reporting, namely reports on actual, important, and interesting events.

Journalism is an activity or process of covering events, interviews, collecting data and facts, then presented in the form of writing, audio, or video.

The main product or journalistic work is news, that is, reports on actual and important events.

Differences in Press, Media and Journalism
From the description of press, media and journalism above, the difference can be concluded as follows:

The Press: publishing agency or media company. In summary: Press = Institution.

Media: a means of disseminating information, press products or products of publishing institutions. In summary: Media = Means.

Journalism: the process or activity of covering and presenting actual information as outlined in the media under the auspices of the publishing agency. In summary: Journalism = Process / Activity.

Such is the understanding and difference of the press, media and journalism practically, for the sake of "fulfilling curiosity" or just understanding.