VioMagz Templates - Now, about responsive blogger templates or themes with premium or free quality, it has spread a lot on the internet, the availability of blogger templates is increasingly mushrooming. Of course, this is influenced by the number of blogspot user bases that continues to increase from time to time. The responsive blogger template and SEO are certainly very profitable for its users.

Well on this occasion I will discuss about templates made by Mas Sugeng, which since its release until now are still very busy and very phenomenal. Maybe, for you bloggers, of course you are familiar with this blogger template named VioMagz.

The VioMagz template is the best premium grade blogger template with 100% responsive appearance, SEO Frindly, Fast Loading and many other features which are certainly very supportive for those of you who want to develop a blog with the lowest possible price.

Well here is a little review of the VioMagz blogger template made by Mas Sugeng.

About VioMagz
The VioMagz template made by Mas Sugeng this time is a perfecting template from the previous Mas Sugeng template made by EvoMagz. This VioMagz template takes all the best features in the previous EvoMagz template and makes it even better. The design of the VioMagz template is more modern compared to EvoMagz.
VioMagz Desktop Template Display
VioMagz Desktop Template Display

Display of VioMagz Mobile Templates
Display of VioMagz Mobile Templates
The following is the appearance of the VioMagz template made by Mas Sugeng:

VioMagz Features
  • 100% responsive. This VioMagz template is indeed very responsive on all screen sizes
  • SEO Ready. This template has been made as optimal as possible about SEO, so the users of this template have not bothered the brain to tweak the template code
  • Ads Optimized. This template features an automatic ad slot feature above the article, the center of the article, and below the article. So it will be very petrified to increase Ad CTR on your blog
  • Fast Loading. This VioMagz already uses the Fast Loading feature. So that users of your blog will feel comfortable visiting your blog because the loading speed is very fast does not upset visitors.
  • Support Blogger Theme Designer Features. If you want to change the color on this template. You can change it any way you want to choose what color. Because this template already supports Blogger Theme Designer features.
  • Using Schema Markup
  • Auto Readmore
  • Search Form Pop-up
  • Sticky Widget
  • Related Posts widget
  • Breadcrumbs
  • And many others.
Price of VioMagz Templates
For those of you who are interested in this VioMagz Template, you can buy it directly to Mas Sugeng at officially. Here are the VioMagz template prices made by Mas Sugeng.

Price of VioMagz Templates
➤ Standard License IDR 198,000
➤ Developer License IDR 6,000,000

Standard License
  • For personal use, this template may not be resold
  • Will get the latest version updates forever
  • Full support for 6 months from the date of purchase from Mas Sugeng
  • Developer License
  • For personal + client use (no limit on the number of installs from this template)
  • Cannot be resold directly, it can only be sold as a bundle of products or services of their own (for example: blog creation services)
  • Get the latest version update forever (only applies to license buyers only)
  • Full support for 6 months from the date of purchase from Mas Sugeng (only valid for license buyers only)
Now that was about the VioMagz Template - 2019 Best Blogger Template or Theme By Mas Sugeng. May be useful. Don't forget to share this article so that it is even more useful to everyone. Thank you for visiting :)