What is SEO article and is REO an easy way solution on the first page of search engines? Then what is the difference between REO and SEO? I think the discussion needs to be written on this blog.
What is REO? - Increase Page One on Google
What is REO?
REO stands for Recommendation Engine Optimization according to one posting among members of the Indonesian Blogger Facebook group as shown below

Easy Page One Solution Without SEO and Backlinks
It was said that, with REO. Page one is easier and more efficient. Then also write step by step REO to Google page one:

Step 1: Prepare the Website
For those of you who want to explore REO, of course you must have a website. Even if there isn't, you can also borrow someone else's website.

Step 2: Join REO Les
And the cool thing is, for the whole registration of Les REO is closed because participants have overloaded.

Step 3: REO Technical Practices
  • ^ $ (#% @ REO% & ^ * $% ^
Step 4: Submit to REO Tools
I think, so far there is no difference with how to Submit URLs to be easily indexed to Google, or other search engines.

Step 5: Page One Google
This is of course we are waiting for the results of Google's page one.
Recommendation Engine Optimization
Difference between REO and SEO
The difference is based on the abbreviation Recomendation Engine Optimization (REO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). From the results of my observation on the search page many kinds of abbreviations are generated such as Resume Engine Optimized, Referral Engine Optimization, and others.
What's cool, not only SEO experts, REO experts will appear on search engines.
Ok That's it, this article is a form of my concern as a blogger to provide information that is and has been viral to explain what REO is and how it is different from SEO.Anything to discuss, please fill in the comments field