A slow internet connection must be very disruptive to surfing in cyberspace. How do you speed up a slow internet connection?
5 Easy Ways to Speed Up Internet Connections
5 Easy Ways to Speed Up Internet Connections
Internet connection is the most annoying problem, especially when we really need smooth access to complete college work and work.

When access slows down, usually we will disconnect the internet connection and try to connect again. Sometimes, even though you have done this way, still an internet connection cannot be invited to work together.

To overcome the slow internet connection, there are actually several ways you can do. Here's how to overcome a slow internet connection

1.Check Connection Speed
Sometimes what makes a slow internet connection is the wrong choice of provider. When the internet service slows down and does not match what Sahabat Dream has bought, immediately confirm with the provider by contacting directly through the service provided.

If the service provider provided is correct but the internet connection is still slow, the way to speed up the internet connection is to upgrade the connection. One way to troubleshoot the internet connection.

2.Doing Hardware Checking
If Sahabat Dream uses a modem or router, and has a slow internet connection, it is better to reset the modem or router first. How to reset it by turning off and turning on again.

Also check that a slow internet connection only occurs on one device, by checking the connection on another device. If the problem is only with one device, the problem may not be with the modem or router, but with the computer.

However, if the internet connection also slows down on other devices, chances are the source of the problem is the hardware used. How to find out the problematic hardware is to check the connection limit.

The usual available connection limits are listed on the internet connection menu on the device. Check, if the internet speed shows a fast number, but the internet connection is slow, chances are the device that Sahabat Dream is using, such as laptops, cellphones, used in old models, will affect the speed of data transfer.

3.Turn off or limit bandwidth-hogging
Sometimes there are conditions when the internet connection slows down because the device used does not have enough capacity to distribute data from other hardware with higher capacity. However, if the hardware used is appropriate and the internet connection is still slow, what should we do?

If you Dream experiences these conditions, there are other possible programs that are active and can monopolize internet connections. The way to speed up a stale internet connection under these circumstances, can be tricked by installing extensions to block advertisements that can bring in programs that are able to monopolize bandwidth.

Extensions like AdBlock Plus and Privacy Badger can be used to limit these advertisements. In addition to programs that can disrupt internet connections over bandwidth, downloading via Dropbox and Google Drive can also make connections slow down, because it reduces space in bandwidth.

How to speed up a slow internet connection because it is using an application that can see bandwidth capacity and download paid applications to increase bandwidth space.

4.Try the New DNS Server
If your internet connection slows down while browsing, there are several possibilities that occur. Among these are servers that are down, or problems with DNS being used. DNS is responsible for finding and translating searches to the IP address of the searcher.

If DNS is down, there are many ways we can do it, Friends of Dream. One way to speed up internet connection is to find and try a new DNS.

There are many options that can be used and free, such as Google DNS and Cloudflare. In addition, Friends of Dream can also use Namecench to speed up internet connections. With a good DNS performance, of course an internet connection will be better because DNS will speed up page load time.

5.Optimizing the Web
Doing how to speed up the first internet connection, which is doing troubleshooting, but sometimes it takes a long time. If during the troubleshoot process, Friends of Friends rush to find information, there are several ways that can be done.

Optimize the web using a browser that can save data usage such as Opera Mini, Opera Turbo, or Chrome Lite Mode. In addition, we can also change the look of the browser into a mobile-optimized display and will save data usage and the internet connection will be smoother.

In addition to these five ways, there are several other ways you can do to speed up internet connections, such as changing providers or replacing hardware. However, if the need to surf in cyberspace is very urgent, the five ways to overcome the internet connection can be practiced.