Here's the Easy Way to Repair a Genset - Genset is one alternative power source that is quite popular today. By using a generator, the electric power supply can be provided, but the ease of using the generator can be damaged. Various problems can arise along with the use of generators. Genset damage is quite diverse, so the repair steps will also vary. Some are classified as minor damage, and some are classified as severe damage, so they must be brought to the generator set.
Easy Ways to Repair Generators
Easy Ways to Repair Generators
The following is information on how to repair a damaged generator set, where the damage is classified as minor damage, so it is likely that it can still be repaired without having to be repaired by experts.

- The first damage is that the generator engine cannot be turned on.
  1. Various possibilities that cause the generator engine can not be turned on, namely:
  2. The battery used to start the generator set is either weak or used up. You can refill the used battery or replace it with a new battery.
  3. There are how many power cords that are not connected or are disconnected. Do a check, if there is a broken cable reconnect.
  4. The engine cannot be started. Could be due to the damaged starter motor condition, to overcome this problem it is necessary to replace a new starter motor.
- The second damage is the engine that suddenly turns off when the generator can be turned on.

Some things that must be done to overcome these problems are:
  • There is water in the fuel tank, to overcome this must dispose of water in the fuel tank at once from all the fuel tank channels that lead to the generator engine.
  • Genset engine that suddenly turns off after successfully being turned on can be due to the presence of a blocked fuel ventilation hole. To fix this, fix all the ventilation holes.
  • There is a clogged part of the fuel filter, to overcome this problem you can clean the filter or can replace it with a new filter.
- The third problem is the loss of engine power.
Some possible problems with the loss of engine power in the generator set are:
  • The thirst for the pump plunger. Do a check on the pump and make adjustments, if it turns out difficult to repair, you can replace with a new one.
  • Broken part of the valve spring. To overcome this problem is to replace it with a new valve spring.
  • Valve components Nozzles are dirty or damaged. Clean if the valve part of the nozzle is dirty, if it is damaged you can try to repair it. If it is difficult, please replace the Nozzle valve with a new one.
That's some information about how to repair a generator that you can try to apply at home. Hopefully this article can help and provide solutions for you to repair your damaged generator set.