How to Make Simple Parallel Circuits ~ One of the simple parallel circuits that we often encounter is parallel traffic lights. In this parallel circuit application the way it works is that the lights will turn on each of them alternately.

How to make these parallel circuits must be done more carefully, especially for the type of traffic lights. This time I will discuss the details so that the reader can better understand how to assemble this parallel lighting system.

The parallel meaning is arranged sequentially. A parallel electrical circuit is a circuit where the location of the source and voltage are also installed arranged or sequentially. The electrical voltage is also arranged in a split and sequential manner.
How To Make A Simple Parallel Circuit
How To Make A Simple Parallel Circuit
How to Make a Parallel Traffic Light Series

How to make a parallel circuit in a miniature traffic light:

1. Prepare the equipment as follows:
  • Large battery 3
  • LED lights of 3 volts each (in red, yellow and green)
  • Battery socket (ready to use / can be made yourself with a conductor plate)
  • 3 switches
  • Lampholders / lamp holders (3 pieces)
  • Thick cardboard for base / small plywood board
  • Red and black power cord
  • Scissor
  • Small knife or cutter
  • Black tape or tape
2. Make a circle on the cardboard similar to the arrangement of the traffic lights.
3. Install the lamp holder / lampholder in sequence
4. Place the lights in sequence red, yellow, green on the holder that you have prepared
5. Insert the battery in the socket that has been prepared
6. Connect each 1 switch for each type of lamp with a different color. Use a cable to supply electricity to a lamp that is already installed.
7. Turn on one lamp at a time to test whether the lamp is completely electrified

Well, this type of parallel electrical circuit can also be applied to the installation of electrical lights in the house. Generally, every room has a main light with a different switch does not it ?!

This type of circuit is very beneficial, because we do not need to check one by one which lamps, cables and switches in our homes are damaged. Because they have their own electricity with different switches and cables.